Mudassir Azeemi
UX Designer, Wells Fargo

About the Speaker

Hi there. I am Mudassir Azeemi, culturally aware UX/Product designer. I am currently working on a mission-critical application at Wells Fargo, leading the interaction design effort for Commercial Electronic Office (CEO) Portal, and that portal is doing 13 trillion dollars of transactions every year. And I teach at UC Berkely at UX/UI Bootcamp as a lead instructor. I brought the Urdu language on Apple's iOS 2 billion devices!

About the Talk

In 15 minutes, Mudassir will share his journey which includes a startup failure that cost him $50,000 of loss, but also led to him inspiring Apple to bring Urdu's original typography to their devices. Learn how he inspired a trillion-dollar company to bring the Urdu Language on iOS devices, while working 9 to 5, and transitioned from Software Development to UX.

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