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Aaron Draplin,
Draplin Design Co.

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Carly Ayres, Google Design & 100s Under 100

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Chris Do,
Blind & The Futur

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passion for progression

Matt Faulk, Founder & CEO, BASIC®

Matt Faulk is the CEO at BASIC®. He has dedicated my career to helping brands digitally transform and believe design and technology can solve the points of tension that exist between companies and the communities they serve.
💼 Career


Badal Patel, Founder, Badal Patel

Badal Patel is an independent graphic designer and art director based in New York City. She is a problem solver and visual storyteller that prides herself in adding cultural relevancy to the work she creates.
🎙 podcasting

Leading & Creating

Khoi Vinh, Senior Director of Product Design, Adobe

Khoi Vinh is the Senior Director of Product Design at Adobe, working on Adobe XD. Previously, he was the Design Director for The New York Times. He is the host of the popular Wireframe podcast and also writes a widely read blog on design and technology at Subtraction.com
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Work Life Balance

Josiah Duinkerk, Founder & CEO, Annut Design & Development

As the founder of Annut Design & Development, Josiah freelances on multiple projects simultaneously for top companies like Adidas, Randtstad, De Persgroep, ANWB. Because of this, he is able to single-handedly bring in €20-30K monthly.
💼 career

going independent

Sarah Jutras, Co-CEO, Make&Model

Sarah’s expertise in mobile app UX and UI comes from designing and shipping over 20 native apps to the iTunes App Store and Google Play. After building her business, refining her processes, and growing her client base, she recently merged with a longtime friend and collaborator to co-run an experience design studio called Make&Model.
💼 Career

connect with your users

Benjamin Hersh, Design
Lead / Manager, Dropbox

Ben Hersh designs to make the world a more thoughtful and creative place. He leads design for a team at Dropbox, and previously designed at Medium. Ben came to design by way of visual art, cognitive science research at Stanford, and public radio.
🛍 Online Store


Haris Mahmood, Senior Engineer, Shopify

Haris works at Shopify as a senior engineer, helping create a better world of commerce. He runs a developer focused online store (repitsupply.com), has a weird obsession with dinosaurs, and is still emotionally recovering from the terrible GoT finale.
✨ Social impact

curated shopping destination

Michelle Dalzon, Founder, The Black-Owned Market (theBOM)

As the descendant of small business owners, Michelle envisions a world where Black brands THRIVE. Her dream is to help as many Black business owners succeed by giving them a platform that connects them to their intended consumer.
🎙 podcasting

From 5to9 to Smithsonian

Maurice, Founder and Host, Revision Path

Maurice Cherry is a pioneering digital creator who is most well-known for Revision Path, an award-winning podcast which is the first podcast to be added to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).
💼 Career

finding the right idea

Robleh Jama, Director of Product, Shopify

Robleh Jama is a Product Director at Shopify, working on the Shop app. Previously, Robleh founded an award-winning mobile product studio called Tiny Hearts that was acquired in 2016 by Shopify. At Tiny Hearts, Robleh launched several highly regarded apps.
🤝 community building

championing community

Bobbie Racette, Founder & CEO, Virtual Gurus

Bobbie Racette is the Founder and CEO of Virtual Gurus. She is a Cree-Metis woman who prides herself on building an inclusivity-first company, championing for indigenous people and the LGBTQ+ community.
💼 Career

productized services

Tyler Gillespie, Thinking Time Chief

For the last 15 years, Tyler has been building service businesses. Now he helps Freelancers, Consultants, and Agency owners productize their offerings so they don’t want to rip their hair out from running a typical service business.
🤝  Community building

Paid newsletters

ROSIE SHERRY, Community builder, indie hackers

A community builder, indie hacker, founder of ministry of testing – rosie is a well known leader in building tech communities.

✨  Social Impact

Side Projects for Impact

Mudassir Azeemi, UX Designer, Wells Fargo

Apart from leading the interaction design effort for portal doing 13 trillion dollars of transactions every year at Wells Fargo, Mudassir also brought the Urdu language on Apple’s iOS 2 billion devices!
💼 Career

freelancing while employed

Mohammed Asaduallah, CEO, Benji

To be a freelancer is to be your own business. Mohammed is the CEO of Benji — an online financial solution that finds tax write-offs for Canadian freelancers by sifting through their bank transactions. Mohammed will share insights and actionable steps that you can take to start freelancing while working full-time.

💼  Career

Making my own clothes

Maria Pereda, Director of Design, Clio

Having been a designer for over 15 years, sometimes it’s easy to forget how it feels to be a beginner. Maria will share her 5to9 & how making her own clothes helped her become a more empathetic leader. Bonus: How you can also start making your own clothes!
🤝  Community building


Andy McIlwain, Community, Godaddy

Organizing meetups, freelancing, community building for GoDaddy Pro and more – Andy has a wealth of knowledge around turning your hobbies and side projects into a career, all while pursuing your interests.

🚀 IDEA to Product

Automation in Side Projects

Stephanie Eckles, Author, ModernCSS.Dev

Stephanie Eckles is the author of ModernCSS.dev and creator of StyleStage.dev. Steph will speak about building community driven projects, automating for minimum oversight and setting processes in place.
📺 Youtube

Content Creation

Femke van Schoonhoven, Product Designer, Uber Eats

Femke’s 9to5 is a product designer at Uber Eats. Her 5to9 consists of co-hosting a weekly podcast (Design Life) about design and side projects, along with a YouTube channel touching on topics related to design and research.
💼  Career

Building Your Brand

Stephen Gates, Head Design Evangelist, InVision

Stephen is Head Design Evangelist at InVision. He is also founder and host of The Crazy One podcast which gives you actionable insights to be more creative, become a better leader, create more innovative work, build better relationships with your clients, grow a stronger career, and more.
🤝  Community building

Embracing Fuckups

Marsha Druker, Host, Create Community & Founder, Fuckup Nights Toronto

Marsha is a community expert and the Founder of Fuckup Nights Toronto (a community that de-stigmatizes failure). She is also the host of the Create Community podcast, where she chats with fellow community builders to define what community truly means.


Derek Vaz, CEO & Founder, DVXD

Derek Vaz is a Canadian designer, technologist, and entrepreneur. In 2018 he established DVXD, a design studio partnering with influential leaders to create socially-impactful brands and products.
🚀 IDEA to Product

From 9to5 to

Daryna Kulya, Co-founder, Openphone

Alongside leading a thriving product community and managing product at Vidyard, Daryna spent her 5to9 rethinking business phone communications – leading to ycombinator.
💰 Venture Capital

finding the right idea

Ameet Shah, Partner,
Golden Ventures

Founded FiveMobile, acquired by Zynga and now, a partner at one of North America’s coveted vc firms.
🤝 Community building

COMMUNITY as side projects

Marianne Bulger, CEO & Co-founder, Prospect

A multi-disciplinary strategist and entrepreneur, Marianne’s company recently launched the Canadian #COVID19 Talent Help List. In her spare time, she builds large scale mirror installations in natural landscapes and runs a global self-affirmation postcard initiative called Moon Mail. She’ll share how side hustles can expedite your career journey.
💼 Career


Gleb Sabirzyanov, Indie Maker

A self-proclaimed indie-maker and full-time Figma plugin maker, Gleb’s background is in design and development. He uses these skills to build digital tools that empower creatives because he wants everyone to be able to express themselves.
✨ Social Impact

12 Projects in 12 Months

Kezie Todd, Associate UX Designer, Puppet

Teaching herself anything from modular synthesis to origami, side projects are a way of life for Kezie. She looks to find the fun in venturing outside your comfort zone and help others do the same. Kezie has learned to carry the best of the 9to5 into the 5to9 and vice versa by bringing a beginner’s mindset and hobbyist’s enthusiasm to any project, side or not.
🛍 online store

selling on the webs

Alison Post, Senior UX Researcher, Shopify

Alison Post is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Shopify. She is also the artist and maker behind Little Coco Studio, which is an online store that sells hand crafted candles, woven wall hangings, and stickers. In her spare time, you’ll find her spending time with her rescue dog, Coconut.


Jacky Habib, Freelance Journalist

Jacky Habib is a freelance journalist who regularly reports on the social impact sector in Canada. She is also the founder of New Lens Travel, a social enterprise that highlights storytellers and creatives, and provides media training to marginalized youth.
💼 Career

Inbound for freelancers

Stefan Palios, Founder and Publisher, Remotely Media

Stefan has been a freelancer since 2017 and is the author of The 50 Laws of Freelancing. From day one, he built an inbound funnel so clients come to him. To this day he has never sent a cold pitch. In this talk he’ll explain how you can build your own inbound client funnel.

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